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Home Office

The culture of remote work is very important to me. I started to be fully remote in 2017 and that has enabled me to become more productive, accomplish more and make my dream home office true. I admit I am addicted to Blue MX switches :)
One of the most important parts of remote work is your office. Most of the people would say being remote enables you to work from anywhere on the planet, for me remote work means to work from my happy place for anyone on the planet and be able to have the best people in the industry as your colleagues.

My happy place is my office, and since I spend most of my time there, I would like to share my setup with you.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy visiting my team and working with them, I miss them often and I can’t wait for our team meetings to see them, so please turn your camera on during online meetings, it means a lot, at least to me.